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It’s no secret that I love Valentine’s Day. Not for the romantic angle, per se, but for the love and goofy silly generosity among friends, like in grade school. Silly little cards and way too many heart-shaped cookies. A lot of people have been sadly noting that our blogs and groups have lost their “community feeling” lately – here’s a way to combat that trend *and* do something fun and easy!

I’ve comprised a list of activities to participate in for the 10 Days of Valentines. You can participate in all of them, some of them, or even just comment to express your appreciation! The goal is to bring light-hearted cheer and laughter to everyone.


1. Offer/start comment drabbles – offer 2 or more requests? Fanfic or original fiction. Or art! Just be sure you can finish the gifts by the 17th.
2. Funny v-day greetings – fannish
3. Food – recipes, pictures of romantic meals, descriptions of the best/most romantic meals you’ve eaten
4. Sexy men pics
5. Sexy women (or het) pics
6. EVENING - Send some valentines – ecards, snailmail, V-day messages, texts, FB wall posts, or lj gifts
7. Share a story about the most generous thing someone has done for you, recently or ever – share the love you have received!
8. Funny v-day greetings – general
9. Give each other some pics of flowers – w/ or w/o naked men. Maybe give some flowers to real people, too!
10. Aphrodisiacs

Today's activity:

Remember how much fun it used to be when we'd just write short little excerpts/scenes/ideas for each other? A drabble is only 100 words! One paragraph!

Post to you blog and take a few requests, with whatever parameters you want to set, and give someone the gift of words and creativity for Valentine's day!

If words aren't your thing, how about offering some art? If fiction isn't your bag, what about offering that anyone who asks, you'll write a nice compliment for? :)

If you don't have a blog or want to limit your offer to a smaller group, start an email thread!


Yay! Welcome to my world of hearts, flowers, bawdy humor, and sparkles!


(PS: Credit goes to [ profile] weesta and her [ profile] fab_feb_friends group – which is also awesome and you should join!)
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