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More than you ever wanted to know about my garden project....
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So a few months ago a friend posted a link on Facebook that was Relevant to My Interests:

I’ve had huge boobs my entire life – I used to joke that the Breast Fairy (like the Tooth Fairy) stopped by my house in 7th grade and just dropped off her entire load for the month on my chest. I’m pretty disproportionate – even in high school at 110 lbs, I was all tits and ass, wearing a poorly-fitting 34D cup. I’ve been wearing a 38DDD for about the last fifteen years, and I’ve been fitted a few times, but I’ve always suspected bras were meant to be more comfortable than they are.

So I read the article above, and I was terrified of what the results might be. I talked to Elin, who is both quite busty and also spent a winter working at a lingerie shop. She offered to do it with me. Armed with tape measures, figurative loins girded, I measured myself in California while she measured herself in Iceland.

The instructions are to do underbust, then bend over and measure over your nipples. I got 36 inches for the first measurement. And 49 inches for the second measurement – a 13 inch difference. According to the chart on the website, that would make me a 36M.

I remeasured. I measured in the other two positions. I took an average. Still M. I cried a little.Read more... )
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I have a huge long list of things I've ben meaning to write about (trip to England, Queer Camp, the garden, life, whatnot) but... screw it, I'm just going to write about today.

Today I went with a friend to a plus-size lingerie fashion show. It was FABULOUS!

The models were mostly regular people/friends of the owner, but confident and WOW! Confidence is sexy! I'm not always the best at body acceptance, and the kind of lingerie they were showing wasn't the sort of thing I would wear usually, but it was just a fantastic experience. Almost every woman there was plus size, and almost all of them were dressed up, well put together, gorgeous women. Women who know their size, know their shape, and work with it rather than against it.

Also, the models were all ages = probably 20something to 50something. It was lovely to see that being sexy and sassy isn't limited to just the young and beautiful.

And everything on the website is shown ON A PLUS SIZE BODY - those of you my size know how rare that is! Usually they show a picture of the size 5 model and just list that it goes up to bigger numbers. :P This way you can see how it looks with a belly and big thighs - yay!

I feel so sexy and bold and brave and strong. I'm definitely going back to the shop when it's less crowded - at the very least, I want some of the fishnet stockings with rhinestones up the backseam! :)

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Flist! I need your recs again! :)

I'm sick of most of the songs on my exercise playlist. They're good songs, but I've been using the same playlist for a number of years now and am in desparate need of new music ideas. Here is what I've been listening to:


Recs do not need to be for new music - you'll notice that most of those are from around 2007ish, but some far older and a few are newer. Help please? Save my workouts from getting boring, just as I'm feeling committed to having a more Avengers-worthy body!

NB - Also, as a side note to all the writers who keep getting it wrong: Clint Barton is 41, not 32. Or at least the hottie who plays him is, as are the rest of the others - 30s and 40s. Even Natasha is 27. So there. :P
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1) Anyone know how I could find out what theatrical plays "cool famous people" are in this season in London? I'm having bad google-fu today and can't figure out what to search on. Shockingly, "London theater" doesn't provide me with things like whether Ian McKellen or Ewan McGregor or other hotties are in anything.

2) A friend has asked me for recs and I've got nothing. She said, "Fifty Shades of Grey woke up some lovely naughtiness in me that I'd like to keep awake, but most of the stuff I've been grabbing on my kindle is pretty bad. "

Anoyne got anything (non-fanfic) to share?

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I wanted to strt blogging more, but it seems that I only have one "real content" post per week in me. And I've been forcing myself to blog for my "professional writer persona", just to throw some content out there.

So, because I'm a little lazy, and because it's xpost or nopost, I'm going to be posting those blog entries here too. I won't direct you at them over there because I might include some more personal commentary/content than ends up out for public consumption... I miss interacting with you folks and heck, you guys have more to say to my random babble than a bunch of invisible people who don't know me as anything but an author.

To that end, I'm going to post a couple of those (4) in quickish succession, and then plan to xpost every week. Because honestly, I don't have *that* much to say to come up with 500-1000 words of babble per week, TWICE.

It's still pride month, so I'm going to start with pride...
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We have a new best friend...

We adopted him this morning. His name is Hershey, he's 6, and he's a big spazzy happy boy. :)

100 Days

Apr. 9th, 2012 09:16 am
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Well, the first 100 days of 2012 are over. How are you doing on whatever your stated goals/intentions were on New Year's Eve?

Me, I'm doing about as predicted - lost my way, have to find it again. Time to reassess, se what made me stumble, think about how to avoid that again...

*looks up 12/31 post*

- start belly dancing and yoga classes

Actually doing all right on this - started belly dancing. COuld sue some more practice at home, and more regular exercise at home overall, but this one is going all right.

- if it's not delicious and/or you're not actually hungry, don't eat it

But what about when I'm upset? Or PMSy? Or something is terrible for me but tastes so good? Yeah, all right. Less desk-eating, less tv-eating, more table-eating. I eat so much less when I'm paying attention. Last night we had burgers and salad - no fries or potato-based sides, and I was so full I didn't even eat all the bun.

The difference? We ate at the table.

- write 2 stories/novellas/novels to submit AKA write for 2 hours every morning 5 days a week

Hahahaha. Yeah, no. After the frenzy of promo last week (which sin't finished, sadly), I am finally feleing itchy to write, though, so that's a good sign. I still think 2 hours a morning 5 days a week is a good goal/pattern. Maybe Wednesday... (Feel free to poke me, anyone reading.)

- reconnect with friends, both RL and fandom

Doing all right with this one, managing to generally keep a balance between alone time and social time.

- fix marriage

After several summit meetings and on-going negotiations and check-ins, the partnership seems to be going well and the sexytimes are back on the agenda. ;)
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I had this weird moment last night where I realized I had relaxed. For the first time in... three weeks maybe? No exaggerating either. I was almost giddy with the feeling of looseness in my body.

Nothing catastrophic happened. I had a semi-work-related trip in early February, and came back home to being a bit behind with work, and a looming deadline for the anthology. For some reason my psyche decided that this also would be a fabulous time to be emo about the possibility of getting a new-to-us dog soon, so my emotions were all over the place and I was pretty stressed out.

Then there was some last-minute chaos with the anthology, that turned into two 12-hour days and the diversion of something that would have been a disaster if the relevant people hadn't stepped up and been awesome (me included). Luckily, they/we were awesome.

Then some utter crap happened with work, and that was pretty bad but I'm not going to discuss it here. Any week I have to email and spend time on the phone with legal counsel is not a good week, we will simply say. And even though the shitstorm was not focused anywhere near me personally, I had inadvertently added some fuel to the fire, I felt truly awful about it. So there were some anxiety attacks.

Basically, all my emotions have been turned up to 11 since mid-February. Only not the good ones. And I have a habit-pattern of doing this really unhelpful thing where I *think* that by getting super clenched and anal-retentive, I can exert a modicum of control over the situation. But even if that works (which it usually doesn't, because I'm not stupid enough to fall for such blatant lies), it doesn't change the circumstances in any way other than by increasing my upset feelings and making my to-do list longer and making me feel more overwhelmed.

But that was then. Now is now. I have been dancing. And I've actually lost a tiny tiny bit of weight. And I've been going outside and telling my daffodils how pretty they are (they're so vain). And my in-laws visited and we had delicious food and they stayed at a hotel (yay), and we went to a goat farm and held baby goats and made cheese. (Harley Goat Farms)

And I'm working on a silly crafty project with a friend (pics coming soon). And I've been writing a little bit, but mostly doing research and then writing out-of-context kinky porn. And I go to New York city in 10 days. And I'll be "teaching" a belly dance class, and doing a kinky-toys demo for a bunch of authors.

So things are getting better. :)

state of me

Mar. 7th, 2012 08:37 am
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I know, I never say anything real in here anymore. It keeps coming down to the fact that I could babble in here for about an hour, getting all of my stress and frustrations out... or I could use that hour to actually get done some of the backlog of tasks that are stressing me out.


Soon? I miss interacting with you guys beyond posting pics...
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1) Sorry I dropped the ball on all the V-Day activities I usally try to do. Just know that if you can read this, I think you're special and I'm glad you have you in my life. :)

2) Never underestimate the importance of stretching before sex. Especially if it's been 5 months. And especially if you spent 18 of the previous 24 hours sitting on airplanes and in airports. Pulled muscles in the groin hurt.

3) Cannot think of how to top last year's V-Day festivities of Chinese take-out and "Big Trouble in little China". Suggestions would be most welcome!

4) Thank you for the sparkly hearts v-gifts! I hope your day is full of delights and unexpected pleasures. *hugs*
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1. Cold medicine really messes me up.

2. Sparkly glitter paint makes almost everyhting better.

3. I need your recs! Specifically, kinky Inception fics, with Arthur submissive. Please. :)

4. Perhaps tomorrow I will even try writing...
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I'm apaprently a Wikipedia addict. Here is the list of highly important things I WROTE DOWN TO LOOK UP LATER:

Is Trent Reznor married?
What is abseiling?
Is kryptonite a real element?
What is the symbolic "meaning" of moonstones? And what actually are they?
Who is Kal-El?

How can I survive without answers to important questions like this???

However -

The comments in [ profile] fandomsecrets's SOPA/PIPA post today are just BRILLIANT. I think I hurt a muscle in my chest laughing so hard. :)
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I downloaded this pdf about 3 weeks ago and finally just read it. It's the first food article I've ever read and agreed with over 90% of, especially the part on "Fuck Willpower":

If you struggle to "do the right thing" when it comes to food, you're not a sloth; your rational brain is just over-booked. Your self-control is busy preventing you from stabbing your boss, shoplifting, and running red lights.

Thus, "willpower" won't help you much when it comes to eating. It's an overdrawn bank account.

(If you want to read it but don't want to sign up, ask and I'll email you the pdf. I have not had ANY spam from them, though, so I think ti's safe.)
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1) Communication really is the key to avoiding crankiness. Especially in person or voice, not text. Just being able to hear the warmth of someone's tone, the gladness that you've reconnected, the shared emotions that get so muted in text. Yes.

2) Nothing quite like the yeasty yummy smell of bread making. Although is it ever possible to eat just one serving of fresh-baked bread? Clearly I can't do this very often. (Also, thanks to someone's adjective choice in fanfic MANY years ago, I now cannot smell yeast without thinking of man-balls.)

3) Belly dance! Jingle jiggle jingle! I forgot how much I loved to dance, how it makes me almost laugh with delight to move through space, sinuous and free and fun. I am so glad to be doing this again, even if my body is sore and will have a steep incline to get back to where I was three years ago. Zagareet!

4) 2012 is the looking like a year of happy travel. So far I'm going to Orlando in February, New York in March, London in June, and maybe Provincetown in July. Good thing I asked for luggage for xmas!

5) I don't know if it's the full moon or what, but my brain is like a hamster on crack this week. I feel like I'm starting to fray apart after three days of a total inability to focus. I'm amused, though, that it turns out that with all that grief and loss last year, I programmed my brain to self-soothe with crocheting. So that's what I'll be doing tonight.

6) Writing original fiction is hard. I've got bits and pieces of the story I'm working on, but I'm so used to knowing all the details about my boys and their universe *first* that this is extra difficult for me. Also, I have no idea if anyone wants to read it - I lost most of my audience when I quit writing SPN, and I never really got into writing Inception fics... I miss fandom squee, but I don't have time for any non-job reading these days. Woe unto me. ;)

7) I wanted a seventh thing but I don't have on so I'm jut writing nonsense because I like 7 things better than 6. Yes.


Jan. 4th, 2012 09:34 pm
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I'm all caught up on my current shows and need new ones!

Tell me your favorite underappreciated/unknown TV show that I should download and watch, please?

Notes: I do not do anything about serial murderers or bloodshed or gore. Or much drama. And I'm already watching Castle, Hawaii 5-O, Community, Big Bang Theory, White Collar, Burn Notice, Leverage, Chuck, Black Books, Once Upon a Time, Cougar Town, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Warehouse 13, and The Guild. (I've given up on Supernatural, Torchwood, and Merlin, sorry, but if you can make a case for the last season being spectacular, I might be persuaded to give them another try.)

What is so awesome that I should totally be watching it?
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Two free plot bunnies, born of my frustration reviewing submissions:

1) I am sick of reading gruesome stories about clones and the awful things people do them. Please, someone, write me a story about clones and how nice it would be to treat them well!

2) You know that first boyfriend in all the stories, who wears glitter and flounces around and isn't all that into the main character, not out of spite but because he's a ditz and the main character can do so much better? I want to see his story, the flouncing, glittery ditz. Make me love him. :)

And please, for the love of god, no more werewolves and vampires, unless you've got an outstandingly unique twist...
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God, what a year 2011 was... The short recap: Mom died, I started volunteering as a "host" at the LGBT Diversity Center, I learned to crochet socks, I started seeing a nutritionist regularly (but didn't actually lose any weight that stayed off, although I did start exercising more), I went to Toronto/Ontario, Oswald died, finally went to the Folsom Street Fair, bought a corset, went to Vancouver/Victoria/Seattle. Oh, and I spoke at the local RWA a few times about publishing and about writing sex scenes.

I saw my family way mroe than usual, which is not really a good thing. Oddly, I saw my friends way less, although two local people in particular (and maybe another four beyond that) really stepped up and comforted me when I needed them. I'm very blessed to have such good friends in my life.

The end of the year is somewhat shadowed with the anniversary of deaths and the heads-up that my marriage needs some work. Last year's plans got derailed less than seven days into the new year, but I'm not letting that stop me from making some plans for 2012...

- start belly dancing and yoga classes
- if it's not delicious and/or you're not actually hungry, don't eat it
- write 2 stories/novellas/novels to submit AKA write for 2 hours every morning 5 days a week
- reconnect with friends, both RL and fandom
- fix marriage

Written work (only finished/posted work counts):
Written in the Stars, John/Rodney, 63,325 words
Hot For You, Arthur/Eames, 3482 words
untitled shower/hustler drabble, Arthur/Eames, 141 words

2011 total = 66,948 Not actually a bad year, despite it feeling like I wasn't writing much at all.

2010 = 94,243 words
2009 = 54,843 words
2008 = 31,169 words
2007 = 98,834 words
2006 = 60,412 words
2005 = 36,484 words
2004 = 48,031 words
2003 = 29,265 words
2002 = ~37,000 words

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