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Okay, I think I have to share this *everywhere* - sorry if you get it multiple times:

Lingerie.. for men who like to wear women's lingerie. Not a kink I'm usually into but holy cow, some of these guys are HOT.

picture is probably NSFW )
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I was going to pass this long to a friend, but then I thought maybe some of you might be interested in reading it as well.

I totally fangirl Midori, although I don't always agree with her. One thing we share in common is our frustration at what we perceive as "bad" kiny stories - onces where the power exchange truly is unequal and in real life, someone would be bound to get hurt, emotionally if not physically. I was reading her book of essays about kink "Wild Side Sex" in the car as we drove yesterday, and these two really captured the "essence" of a healthy kinky relationship - however short-lived - , in my eyes.

The full text of the book is online at google books: Wild Side Sex From there you can select the chapters: "Pleasure, Pain, Dominance, and Submission" and "Modern Chivalry."

Anyway, just sharing some food for thought, for anyone interested in reading, writing, or just thinking about kinky dynamics.

And as always, I'm up for a discussion, however TMI it might get. :)
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Title: Relationships 201
Author: [ profile] salixbabylon
Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Jensen/Jeff
Rating: NC-17 overall
Disclaimer: No offense meant at all to the real guys. This is just fiction, people.

Summary: Back in school after a year off, Jensen seems to have everything he needs to be happy: a great boyfriend, interesting classes, and tons of friends. But somewhere, something isn't working out - and developing a crush on the teacher he's TAing for doesn't make life any easier.

Banner by the lovely [ profile] tularia.

Thank yous

Any project that takes TWO YEARS to complete is going to result in a lot of people to thank for their time and support, Here are the major players:

To [ profile] ladykatiewench, whose idea this whole thing was in the first place. She made a comment over two years ago saying “Okay, so I've recently had this thing for J2 College!AU. I mean, I'd prefer JDM/JA College!AU (where Jeff is a hot college prof and Jensen is his cute little gay TA and they have to stay late to grade papers but end up making such a mess of them, they can't hand them back to the students...EEP! Hold on, I need to spend a few minutes in my bunk thinking about that.)” I can only hope this has lived up to her desires. Thank you, sweetcheeks, for the brilliant idea that crept into my head, for all of your your help with the music selection for the soundtrack, and for being the most excited first-reader a writer could want, always eager for the next chapter. *smooches*

To [ profile] tularia for making the gorgeous artwork that kept me going during a few long dry spells. Then she jumped in and did the beta work, too, impromptu and did a wonderful job. Thank you tons and tons!

To the inner circle for their support – [ profile] arieltachna most especially for all the hand-holding and poking and encouragement.

To [ profile] heartofslash who made me step back and think about what I wanted this to be a little more deeply than maybe I was prepared for, but whose words helped me make it better than it would have been otherwise.

To [ profile] baileymoyes who betaed the first seven chapters and gave very encouraging feedback and support until other things in life got in the way. And to her and [ profile] sarka for the final read-through to smooth any remaining rough edges.

To my husband, who put up with an abnormal amount of craziness, and all my (here and IRL)friends who listened to me whine about writing for the last year and feigned interest.

And to the 3 Js for being beautiful. :)


Download the 149 MB zip here!

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In honor of [ profile] tularia's birthday...

topless Jared, Jensen, & Jeff! )

Okay, they're not *actually* naked. I did the best I could. :)
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Be who you are! Be vibrant and full of joy!

more pride this way... )
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The only thing that can triumph over fear and hate is love...

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Ranibows, love, and pride! Yay!

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Actually, there's nothing very naughty here...

Pride Week! )
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Enjoy your Memorial Day!

more humor & NSFW )
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I got a little bit behind on my [ profile] fab_feb_friends this week, so I'm playing catch-up. Here, I made you some lovey-dovey icons, form all my fandoms:

Forgot to credit/suggest you can play too:
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Y'all seem like you need cheered up again, so here's my latest collection of amusements:


2)Rules of a True Guy

Rule 15: If a man's fly is down, that's his problem, you didn't see anything.

3) Betty Bowers Explains Traditional Marriage to Everyone Else

4) The meaning behind - MEN'S NAMES

Hint: check out Dean and Sam. *g*

5) Isabella Rossellini stars in GREEN PORNO! After the astonishing success of Green Porno Season 1 and a journey into the world of bizarre bug sex, Isabella takes us out to sea for Season 2 and a look at wild marine mating habits.

6) Hot For Words - the sexiest etymology lessons you'll ever see, by a hot blonde Russian philologist.
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I have a seriously mixed experience with new agey stuff. It's usually a turn off for me, but the one exception is Abraham-Hicks - it's still hokey, but resonates as true, to me.

This clip explains why you get what you keep focusing on, rather than what you want. And how to change.

She's funny, too. ;)
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Spring time often means getting life reorganized. For me, I can't organize my life until I've organized my house. And since it's the weekend *and* the spring equinox, I thought I'd share with all of you the things I have bookmarked in my "household" file:

Salix's Tips For Getting Rid Of The Crap (read the comments too, as people had a lot of interesting points to share)

Tips for Springtime Space Clearing

The Best Time to Buy Everything - A Month-By-Month Guide to the Biggest Bargains

The twenty-seven most important rules for keeping your house in order

Salix's Tips for Attacking the Closet

Salix's Tips for House Cleaning

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What have YOU done today to make you feel proud?

(In special honor of [ profile] sarka and [ profile] sarafoop.)
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Some things, you just have to share with your f-list. I nabbed this from a post to [ profile] smutday, and if you're not part of that community, you should join. ;)

Probably only rated R but still smokin' hot!
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And [ profile] sarka links me to this, which is just prefect. It's not on youtube, so you have to download it, but it's well worth it:

Vid: I Enjoy Being a Girl
Footage: Alias, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Veronica Mars, Battlestar Gallactica, Firefly, Dario Argento's Opera (for the opening)
Song: I Enjoy Being a Girl from Flower Drum Song. Written by Rogers and Hammerstien, performed by Sandra Allen.
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I just sent out my February newsletter for my business and since there were several free gifts, I thought I'd share the info with all of you guys, too:

A Little Bit of Wantonness
February 13, 2009 Volume 2, Issue 1

A Note From the Wanton Hussy:

Happy Friday the 13th! Yes, I said “happy” - 13 used to be a lucky number, not un-lucky. Remember the “baker’s dozen”? That extra cinnamon roll was for luck!

In keeping what that theme, this month’s offering is loaded with surprises, special offers, suggestions and other indulgences, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Recently a community I am part of has collectively given a wonderful gift to a friend in need. I had the honor of coordinating that gift and let me tell you, it’s changed my perspective on life. In a time when people are getting laid off, when the economy is frightening, when there are catastrophic ice storms in the Midwest United States and lethal wildfires in Australia, when people everywhere are afraid of what’s coming next and holding on to what they have – a group of fewer than fifteen women contributed $400 to help someone. The average contribution was under $20 per person - less than the cost of a movie, book, or a few drinks from Starbucks. But all together, it added up. It is amazing to see what we can all do when we cooperate!

The experience has given me a real incentive to do more for others. Not monetarily, but often the little things are more valuable. Like smiling at a homeless person, meeting their eyes and saying hello as you acknowledge them as someone who counts even if you don’t have any spare change. Helping the elderly, or a mother struggling with a small child, by retuning the cart from the parking lot back to corral. Writing letters for a worth cause like Planned Parenthood. Just being your wacky, sexy, love-filled self and sharing that with the world around you as you go about your day is the greatest of gifts.

The light is growing – help it spread!

main article + free gifts )

For the pretty version, past articles, and all the other stuff I'm up to - including to signing up for my newsletter and get a free booklet - check out my website The Wanton Hussy.
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OK, so, you know how when you mean to be working on one or two or three Super Important Projects With Deadlines... something new and shiny always distracts you? Yeah.

So I had a bunny come visit last night and it's still very shiny and stuff today. It's not a super-original idea, but I thought it sounded like fun anyway.

Here's the way it works:

You, my dearly beloved readers, suggest a word for each letter of the alphabet. I will write a drabble/scene/section/few paragraphs of a fic with that word either included or in mind or something. It's Jared and Jensen, so go ahead and use words that are particularly relevant to them. Example: C = candy, S = socks, H = Harley, and so on

A-Z list )

I'm not going to limit you to one letter per person, but I *will* ask that you check prior prompts before you post your own.

I'll be out of town for the weekend, and I'd love to get started while I'm away! :)

Also - the new icon? It's from a picture [ profile] sileya sent me. Feel free to share, so long as you credit me. :)
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So I wanted some specific icons and despite being it totally stressed out frantically busy exploding-brain time, I somehow just made them anyway. What can I say, [ profile] ladykatiewench inspired me. ;)


= This one is for [ profile] ladykatiewench ONLY, please!

Comment, credit - you know the drill. :)

Oh - speaking of credit, I have no idea what the sources are for any of these pictures. Credit to [ profile] causette for the image-lightening help on the "adorkable" one.

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