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I got a little bit behind on my [ profile] fab_feb_friends this week, so I'm playing catch-up. Here, I made you some lovey-dovey icons, form all my fandoms:

Forgot to credit/suggest you can play too:
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OK, so, you know how when you mean to be working on one or two or three Super Important Projects With Deadlines... something new and shiny always distracts you? Yeah.

So I had a bunny come visit last night and it's still very shiny and stuff today. It's not a super-original idea, but I thought it sounded like fun anyway.

Here's the way it works:

You, my dearly beloved readers, suggest a word for each letter of the alphabet. I will write a drabble/scene/section/few paragraphs of a fic with that word either included or in mind or something. It's Jared and Jensen, so go ahead and use words that are particularly relevant to them. Example: C = candy, S = socks, H = Harley, and so on

A-Z list )

I'm not going to limit you to one letter per person, but I *will* ask that you check prior prompts before you post your own.

I'll be out of town for the weekend, and I'd love to get started while I'm away! :)

Also - the new icon? It's from a picture [ profile] sileya sent me. Feel free to share, so long as you credit me. :)
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So I wanted some specific icons and despite being it totally stressed out frantically busy exploding-brain time, I somehow just made them anyway. What can I say, [ profile] ladykatiewench inspired me. ;)


= This one is for [ profile] ladykatiewench ONLY, please!

Comment, credit - you know the drill. :)

Oh - speaking of credit, I have no idea what the sources are for any of these pictures. Credit to [ profile] causette for the image-lightening help on the "adorkable" one.
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OK, so my photoshop skills kind of blow. I made icons anyway:

Comment, credit, whatever.

Everyone needs a jammies day once in a while. Call it mental health, call it preventative care, call it recharging and replentishing your energy. So phone in sick, sleep in, nap off and on, watch tv, read lots of slash, drink cocoa, and order take out for dinner - it's good for you!

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