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Once again I'm feeling indecisive about the next NSFW pics theme, so you get to vote!

[Poll #1790522]

Disclaimers: All themes will eventually show up. Themes may no be presented in order of most popular vote results, if I suddenly become decisive. ;)
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I've been wanting to write lately and the Big Story is intimidating me/lost my mojo/whatever. So I think maybe I will do one or two short little babble-drabbles of 1000-5000 words or whatever.

But what to write? Here are your choices:

[Poll #1711949]

Oops, I see I did checkboxes by mistake. So please, for the love of god, only pick a few. ;)
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So I'm having trouble deciding what theme to do next. It's the holiday season, and I have a batch of naked boys in holiday-themed pictures, but it's mostly the same stuff that I've posted for the last few years. *Or* I could go to the next major theme requested, which is full-on explicit NC-17 porny photos.

You tell me - what do you want for the next 6 weeks?

[Poll #1644513]

Poll open until 11/23 or thereabouts.
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Help! My next theme is "artsy boys" but I have SO MANY OF THEM! I need to sort them into categories and you can help. :)

What appeals to you as categories? Within those categories, what appeals to you the most?

[Poll #1543896]
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All of those snowflake cookies made me want to start my baking.

Help me decide what to make, please?

[Poll #1496536]

If I've forgotten your holiday favorites, feel free to suggest them in a comment!
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OK, I'm having a Libra-moment and can't decide on the next pretty naked boys theme.

Here are your possible choices, but I also have a huge "misc" folder, so feel free to suggest things not on this list and if I've got at least three pics, I'll do it for you. No promise on timeline, of course. :)

Anyway - please vote!

[Poll #1411611]

Thank you!
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1. Yesterday my sweetie and I went for a drive up the coast. It was overcast and grey and mostly we just had wacky duscussions, as we do.

As a result, I have two burning questions for you all:

[Poll #1259239]

Feel free to discuss either question in the comments...

3. So I've been watching Dark Angel and I have to say, I think it kind of blows. So I'm bitching and whining as I watch it, and my husband comes into the living room. He also has the same kind of all-the-programs/books/movies-in-order-and-to-the-very-end kind of OCD that I do, and *he* quit DA after season 1. I *skipped* season 1 and am forcing myself to watch season 2, and I only have six episodes left.

G: You do know James Cameron gave up on actually watching this show long before you, right?

me: *waves hands around, trying to explain just how the hotness of Jensen Ackles compels me*

G: Seriously, he's that hot?

me: *nods* Seriously.

G: *looks appalled* You'd do that just for a hot guy?

me: Honey, for you, I tried to understand how to play D&D.

G: Oh. Okay then.

4. And in conclusion, GUH:

Look at that top curve of his ass. I just wanna bite it or lick it or do something to it with my mouth...
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I seem to be feeling indecisive democratic lately...

So [ profile] bitofaspaz and I went shopping at a pet store while I was visiting her in Toronto. I have always enjoyed the pervy possibilities in pet stores, and wow - did this place deliver. They had a new line of dog leashes with humorous phrases embroidered on them.

One look and I had a bunny that was screaming for attention. Yay!

Problem is, there were *too many* good phrases to choose from. So help me out, please, and pick the one you think would work best in a kinky smutty ficlet:

[Poll #1219309]

Link to the leashes, for those interested in visuals =

Also, [ profile] ladykatiewench/anyone else who would know - I seem to have mislaid my link to some youtube interview clip (maybe from a con) where someone asks Jensen which former guests he misses the most and he answers "JDM" before the question is even finished. Help me out? Pretty please?

Not that that has anything to do with the ficlet. *cough* Why would you think that?
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So for the first time, I'm trying to stay current on my bookmarks/recs lists and am keeping a SPN list as I go.

But since it's still an active fandom for me, I'll be adding stuff to it for a long time. And while it's "in process" of me adding stuff, I'm not making the post public. Which sort of defeats the point.

So what should I do? Post what I have now and keep adding to that post over time? Make a new post each time I want to add a few more fics?

Help! I'm being an indecisive Libra! tell me what *you* want, Gentle Reader...

[Poll #1219027]
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OK, the repeated *headdesks* haven't killed the bunny I just had.

I now have a file on my desktop titled "OMGNOOOO J2"

So. *cough* I do need a teensy bit of help.

Here are some t-shirt slogans. Picture the text as white on black. (Images are here for anyone who wants to see the shirts themselves.)

Picture a certain far-too-tall-to-be-allowed rather goofy guy wearing them.

Which ones would you have him wear? Humor value and tormenting of co-stars with taste are important here:

[Poll #1140122]

Also. Um. I guess I kind of need a beta to help cover my ass and make sure for certain that none of this is too OOC. I'm thinking it won't be a long fic, at all. You know my usual M.O. – schmoop, humor, smut. Anyone?

God. I didn't even make it for two months.

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Well, despite the progesterone cream being intended to prevent this, I've been curled up in a ball of misery all day with either cramps/pain or brainfog from pain meds.

And I've wanted something long and juicy to read (I know I should be writing - hush). I've several fics bookmarked that everyone says are fabulous, but I haven't gotten around to reading for whatever reason. So tell me which one *you* think I should read the most:

[Poll #1055470]

You may, of course, suggest something else in comments, and it will be added to my "to read" folder, whence all of these came.

And now, in the absence of the ability to make a decision about any HP smut, I'm off to read boyband slash.
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I'm posting this to get some information about how interested people would be in taking my "how to write erotica" workshop as a teleclass (or some other distance-education format). I'm ready to start teaching my in-person class this week, but there also seemed to be some interest in a "remote" class. That sounds like fun too, so I thought I'd see what the interest level actually is. :)

Here is a link to the course description and syllabus "Setting the Page on Fire!".

Please answer the following questions to let me know what you think!

[Poll #976487]

Please feel free to cross-post this or tell people you know to come vote - I'm trying to get as much data as I can to decide if I want to do this.

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All year I've been meaning to rec at least 3 fics per week from my embarrassingly long list of bookmarked fics. But I'm lazy and I'm not sure anyone else even cares. If you do, tell me what you care about the most:

[Poll #953018]

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Sometimes the bunnies that bite are not specific enough. A werebunny bit, a fic with Remus, structure very clear.

But the time frame/age/setting for Mr. Lupin and who he gets to shag are not at all clear.

Help? What are you favorites?

[Poll #943869]
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So it turns out that I have some stories that actually have banners or awards or challenge-participant graphics or fan art or whatever.

What do I do with these images? Help? Please?

[Poll #932590]

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[Poll #916455]

Why yes, I *am* working on getting rid of my web pages...
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So it's getting close to time for me to write my annual fannish letter to Santa telling him what I'd like this year.

Only I can't decide if I've been Naughty or Nice. I need your help!

[Poll #629697]

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