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So my lovely friend [ profile] sarka had a very productive day and I decided she needed a reward. Only this was before I had my morning cup of tea.

And this is what happened - chatfic:

salixbabylon: once upon a time there was a young man named Jack
salixbabylon: with a very nice coat
salixbabylon: and a spaceship
salixbabylon: which he borrowed without asking so it wasn't really his
salixbabylon: anyway he flew from his planet to earth, which seemed pretty because of all the water
salixbabylon: and he landed in wales, which seems odd, but you have to land somewhere, so why not wales?
salixbabylon: anyway
salixbabylon: he was occasionally very cranky and always very sexy. and also kind of immortal.
salixbabylon: at work one day he met another young man named Ianto
salixbabylon: who was always wearing a three-piece suit and looking very prim and proper and tidy
salixbabylon: and that made Jack just want to get him messy and dirty, in the best ways
salixbabylon: Ianto rarely objected
salixbabylon: sometimes he even left the tie on, just for Jack, who used it to push and pull him around in bed
salixbabylon: not that they did it in bed very often - usually a desk or wall or counter or the floor would suffice
salixbabylon: one day something extraordinary happened
salixbabylon: not aliens or apocalypse, because that was pretty damned ordinary
salixbabylon: but this was big
salixbabylon: Jack asked Ianto out for a date
salixbabylon: showed up at his door with flowers
salixbabylon: which was a little bit gay, but hey, everyone likes flowers
salixbabylon: plus they were lilies and everyone know how phallic lilies are
salixbabylon: anyway, they went out to a swanky restaurant
salixbabylon: and Jack was all cleaned up in nice clothes
salixbabylon: and Ianto was in his usual suit, because he knew how that turned Jack on
salixbabylon: and then over dessert, Jack slid onto the floor
salixbabylon: and knelt next to Ianto's chair
salixbabylon: and asked him to marry him
salixbabylon: with a ring and everything
salixbabylon: a manly ring. but still.
salixbabylon: and Ianto said "um, we can't get married. this is England."
salixbabylon: and Jack said he didn't care, they could just have a commitment ceremony or whatever
salixbabylon: and Ianto said ok
salixbabylon: and Jack said "but no kids, because this isn't *that* kind of ficlet."
salixbabylon: and Ianto agreed because that would really cut down on all the hot kinky dirty sex
salixbabylon: so they want back to Ianto's flat
salixbabylon: and had sex in the bed with the lights out, missionary position, with Ianto on the bottom
salixbabylon: pretending to be married
salixbabylon: and after they both came
salixbabylon: which took a long time because the sex was a lot less intense than usual
salixbabylon: Ianto took off the ring and gave it back to Jack and said he'd changed his mind
salixbabylon: if that was what married life was like
salixbabylon: and jack agreed because *wow* was the sex boring now that they were engaged
salixbabylon: so Ianto went to take a shower to clean up
salixbabylon: and when Jack joined him, Ianto decided that enough was enough
salixbabylon: and shoved Jack up against the shower wall
salixbabylon: kicked his feet apart
salixbabylon: slicked them both up with conditioner
salixbabylon: pressed Jack's wrists hard against the tile
salixbabylon: and fucked him good and hard
salixbabylon: very much NOT the proper and dutiful wife
salixbabylon: and they lived happily ever after
salixbabylon: the end

(I think this might count as punishment, rather than a reward, actually.)

Happy Friday!
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I promised this for [ profile] heartofslash last month and then got all carried away by the holidays and plot devices that didn't work. Here's the final attempt, Mistress. (I may email you the first try, so you can laugh at it.)

playing with Legolas and Eomer )

If you had a birthday in the last month (*cough*[ profile] astrojen*cough*) and would like a drabble, let me know!
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Title: Dreaming in Morocco
Pairing: Ewan/Eric
Rating: NC-17
Archiving: Please ask.
Disclaimer: Complete fiction. I am implying nothing about the real sexual preferences of the actors herein. Absolutely no disrespect is meant to them.
Summary: In response to [ profile] heartofslash stumping me - an Atlas' Shoulders universe drabble

Dreaming in Morocco

cut for naughtiness )
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Title: Tangible Reminders
Author: [ profile] salixbabylon
Fandom: RPS
Characters: Ewan McGregor/Eric Bana
Prompt: 32. Branding
Word Count: 200
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Some backstory about Ewan's motivations. In response to [ profile] houseofwhacks stumping me - a kinkfEEst universe (double) drabble

Tangible Reminders )
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Title: Commencement
Pairing: Orlando/Viggo
Rating: PG-13
Archiving: Please ask.
Disclaimer: Complete fiction. I am implying nothing about the real sexual preferences of the actors herein. Absolutely no disrespect is meant to them.
Summary: In response to [ profile] alilacia stumping me - a VigOrli "Educational Endeavors" universe drabble


Orlando sprawled on the grass, shadows dappling his skin like the spatters on Viggo's drop cloth.

"Sometimes I miss the lessons."

Viggo glanced away from his canvas, confused.

"You know, when you were teaching me about gay sex."

"Mmm... You were so very eager to learn..."

Orlando gave him a two-fingered salute.

Viggo grinned, putting down the brush as his gaze became lascivious. His eyes swept down Orlando's body, lingering as Orli's cock twitched.

Wiping his hands, he knelt astride his naked lover, mumbling "I think it's more fun to learn things together..." as their lips and bodies connected hungrily.

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Two drabbles seem to have been deleted or eaten by monsters or something - they aren't anywhere in my LJ. Most odd. They are old.

And they are here:

Orlando/Viggo drabble )

Orlando/Sean drabble )
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who asked for Jack/Will:

The ocean was calm, so still that The Pearl barely seemed to be moving at all. Days like this drove Will mad, twitchy and anxious, unable to tolerate the feeling of captivity, of being trapped.

Only late at night, fucking his frustrations out with Jack, did the tension begin to ease off, drifting out of Will's mind, replaced by the tight heat of Jack's arse. Every thrust was a prayer against boredom, each plunge a drive toward excitement, each retreat an escape from confinement.

Will never felt so free as when he was spilling his seed deep in Jack's body.
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for [ profile] justinetre:


Cool. I would never have thought any of the Weasleys could be cool, but he is. Tall, lanky (yeah ok, like Ron, but different), with that long hair and earring and black clothes and just... The way danger seems to surround him. Smart. Capable.

He's just *cool*. And, well, fit. Gorgeous. Everything inside me tenses and gets hot when he's around. Or when I'm alone, at night, thinking about him. Like now...

I can't tell if I want to be him when I grow up... or touch him.

No, I know - I want him to touch me.





Warm skin under my hands, smooth and strange but familiar, to see one so like myself like this. It never gets old, the feeling of familiarity and strangeness combined. Like a mirror gone wrong, one you can step into and out of, touching, feeling, tasting, teasing. It's almost too much when our eyes meet, too strange even for us. Not wrong, not really, nothing we do ever feels wrong, but it's too intense. Like coming home and flying out into space all at once.

I know we'll get caught eventually. It's not knowing when, exactly, that makes it so exciting.


He fell, stretched too far to make a save during Quidditch. Pulled a muscle. He took a shower, tried a simple charm to stop the ache, didn't want to ask Mum. So I offered to rub it. He gave me a look, but it was an innocent offer, so he took me up on it – after all, I've been giving the girls back rubs in the Common Room for years now.

But I didn't expect to react to massaging Bill's shoulders. Strong muscles, warm skin, the glide of my hands on him...

I'm only hard because I'm sixteen, right?


That's all the drabbles! That was fun!
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for [ profile] helena_s_renn:


Today was hideous. I had this brilliant idea to imitate Orli all day, bounce all over, bug the fuck out of everyone. It would annoy the Elf *and* I'd get to grope Bean, too.

Everything went brilliantly until Bean walked in. I sashayed over in a spot-on Elf-glide and tried to drape myself on him like Orli does. But Bean's a lot taller than I am, a lot bulkier, a lot *more* than I am. And I got flustered and lost my nerve. Right there, in front of everyone. Speechless.

Aren't I supposed to be too old for this shite?
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for [ profile] astrojen:


Godfrey hides his face in shame as I push into his body. For myself, I don't think God cares with whom we lie in the cold of night, man or woman, even father and son. Most priests lie, but one told me when I was a boy that all we are asked to do is love one another.

Godfrey, though, is on a quest to save his soul and I am on one to find mine. Or perhaps we are running, each from our dark pasts, and tonight is yet another sin as we seek for warmth in the dark.
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for [ profile] telesilla:


The trailer door slams shut and Viggo's eyes look crazed, impossible to read. His walk is predatory, but I'm not intimidated. Fuck him. Who does he think he is? The cameras have stopped; he isn't the bloody king. I growl without quite meaning to, but don't stop myself either.

He circles as I wait for him to make his move, alert and ready. For anything he'll do, any switch his mood will make. He could fight, exorcise Aragorn's frustration with Boromir. Or he could yank at my clothes and try to fuck me into the floor.

Either way, I win.


"Did you ask her?"

I look away from him, away from temptation. "No."

"Are you going to?" His voice is a mix of patient and petulant. Trying not to push but still wanting to get his way.

"I don't know yet." An honest, yet not entirely truthful, answer. I don't know if I'm going to ask her; I don't know if I want to. If I want him that much. If I truly want to do this, let alone honorably. Perhaps it's more fun if it's illicit.

Everything is more fun when you know you shouldn't, but do it anyway.

ETA: [ profile] helenasrenn very kindly pointed out that it's unclear who the 'her' is in the above drabble -- it's Natasha Richardson, Liam's wife. I was still thinking about my comments/opinions back to [ profile] telesilla when she requested this pairing, and didn't mean to be obscure.
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for [ profile] heartofslash:


Adrenaline is the best drug. They'd outlaw it if they could, but they can't, just like they can't outlaw Ewan in leather, no matter how lethal he is.

Dusty with desert grime, thirteen hours from home base, four since we last saw some startled peasants, and all I can see is a thousand kilometers of sand and him in front of me, thighs and arse clinging to purring metal.

Ewan, all of him, is lethal, and it is far more than a love of speed or bikes that makes my adrenaline rise when he's around. I can't wait for nightfall.

(I'm working on the others, slowly but surely...)
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These are all turning into drabbles that are inner thoughts of one half of each pairing... Odd.

Anyway, here are the ones for [ profile] sileya:

Harry/Snape: (during OotP timeline)

He looks good like that, kneeling on my floor, messy hair, glasses askew, eyes glazed and watery, the sea during a storm. Hands grasping, reaching for control. Disoriented, yet somehow eager to please. Mouth open, panting through reddened lips, so full of energy and, dare I say, passion, that I am abruptly glad of these loose robes in a way that I have not been since I was his age.

I may not be evil, but I'm not all goodness and light either. How am I supposed to resist temptation like this?

I told Albus this was a terrible idea.


I have had enough. Watched him stagger down the gangway, headed for the nearest brothel to spend himself between some strumpet's thighs too many times. I've tried not to show how much it bothers me when he comes back, face smeared with rouge, reeking of cheap perfume and cheaper whore.

I see the way he looks at me, leering openly. He does it when we're alone, too, when he thinks I'm not watching.

He's mine and I won't wait any longer for him to come and claim me. Tonight I'm taking what I want, just like Jack's always taught me.


You sent me down to the gardens to meditate, to discover why I can't seem to connect to the Living Force in our quarters anymore. You have even moved the meditation mats outside to help me. I kneel beside you, focus my attention on Life, as I have for the last three years, but I just can't connect.

Or, maybe I can, but it's different. I feel life-energy pulsing around and through me, filling my spirit and body... My body especially...

Yes. That's the problem.

The Living Force seems to be centered in my cock. But only when you're near.
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for [ profile] nanakomatsu:


"The ill-fated Prince of Troy... Paris, yes?" I muse aloud, walking around the figure lying on the rugs in my tent. There is arrogance in his eye, but it is fear that holds his body tense. Is he afraid of what I might, will, do to him? I'll have to, of course; there is no escape from our fates for either of us.

Trussed and dirty, the prince looks less fair than the last time I saw him, abandoning his honor in fear of Menelaus' might. Paris is no warrior. Neither am I.

I wonder what he will abandon here?
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for [ profile] bloominbabylon:


His hands are so huge, it feels like he could crush me with a careless gesture. Power, coiled in those bronzed muscles, courting danger.

I'm not going to get hurt, of course. Eric's always graceful, careful, kind. Aware of himself, of the space he fills, of his physical advantage. Full of restraint.

The way he touches me is frustratingly reverent, as if I were a fragile thing. I have to get him drunk before he'll ravage me the way I want, biting, squeezing, bruising me with those huge hands.

I want his marks on my body. I'm the dangerous one.


Sometimes I wish I could freeze him, capture him in crystal, save him away forever. Just to have him be still for one moment when I could look at him when he's not asleep. Take in the color of his eyes, the texture of his skin, the small flaws in his face. The strength of his muscles, the tendons in his arms, the scar on his spine. All the bits and parts that make up Orlando.

Film is the best I can do and even that fails. He is nothing without movement, without life. Beauty frozen; appreciated, maybe, but dead.


The weight of time has barely brushed me in the last three thousand years, yet I know that I will always feel I did not have enough time with him. The Halls of Mandos will drive me mad with their silence when his footsteps fail to echo. I cannot leave these shores; I cannot leave him. I have heard the cry of the gulls and stopped my ears. If we survive this darkness, if the Enemy does not destroy us all, I will tell him.

We will never have enough time, but I will not squander what little we have.


My big brother Hector thinks this war is going to be difficult to win. He has no faith in deities, only in men. He will not honor the gods unless Father demands it, and he refuses to make offerings to the goddesses.

He is the grown up one, with wife and child. Finished dabbling with boys, settled down to the serious business of defending Troy. For me, though, he bends over, moaning in heat. All it takes is a certain look and he comes running, full of guilt, shame, and lust.

See how much it pays to honor the goddesses?

Excellent writing exercise - if anyone else wants one, it's not too late!
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[ profile] justinetre made me this lovely icon! I'm so excited because it reminds me that I'm going to London in 6-8 months! Whee!

Since I couldn't make her an icon because I suck at photoshop, she asked for a Viggorli in a coffee shop Drabble )

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