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avengers cookies1

I finally finished my cookies-for-the-Avengers project!

Scotch balls for Tony Stark/Iron Man
Sunflower-coconut cookies for Bruce Banner/Hulk
Nipple Cookies (peanut butter blossoms) for Steve Rogers/Captain America
Gingerbread for Agent Phil Coulson
Cherry Bombs for Agent Nick Fury
Molasses Snaps for Clint Barton/Hawkeye
Russian Snowballs (teacakes) for Natasha Romanova/Black Widow
Candy Cane cookies for Thor
and Devil's Food mini cupcakes for Loki

(clockwise, from 9 o'clock)

I had so much fun! I stopped baking years ago because it was a pain the in the ass, and I didn't want to gain weight, and every time I gave people food for the holidays they whined about their weight, and I got tired of it. But I enjoyed it *so much*! I'd forgotten how meditative it is and how much I just love baking. I'm going to take any leftovers to the bank, post office, fire station, etc after the holidays. :)

I hope everyone reading this has a fantastic week full of joy and cheer, and plenty of delicious things to eat.


(Recipes upon request!)
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1) I really loved the opening of the new James Bond, Skyfall. The Adele song was great, but I just loved the images and artsy style of it.

It’s someone’s bootlegged video of the screen, but still – nice.

2) The Avengers cookies are going fantastically. Today I was working the stiff dough for Clint Barton’s molasses snaps and thinking his biceps would sure make it go a lot easier. :)

So far I’ve finished Thor’s Peppermint Cocoa cookies, Natasha’s Russian Snowballs, Tony’s Scotch (rum) Balls, and Bruce Banner’s Slightly Green Sunflower cookies. Maybe I’ll do Fury’s Chocolate-Cherry Bombs later tonight.

3) I quite enjoyed The Hobbit. I was deeply amused at the reappearance of the hottie elfboy, apparently Lindir. Husband didn’t believe me that it was the same guy, but my Google/Wikipedia fu proved that he was in fact. Yay!

4) That song by Foster the People, Pumped Up Kicks – I can never quite hear the words, but the bit where they say “You'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet” without thinking of Clint. :)

So who are my fellow Avengers fangirls (or boys)? Let me know!

[Poll #1885796]
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I keep meaning to post, but then I think of something else to do. I've been distracted and a little down lately, but NO MORE. It's finally December, and I'm excited about the holidays. I'm not sure, why, exactly, but I'm going with it. :)

1) Tree! We decided to have xmas at our house this year, with my dad and some friends maybe, which means I get to have a tree! We haven't had one in about three years and I love them, so I'm excited about that. We get an ornament of some sort every time we travel together, and then we have a lot of literature or geek-based ones as well. And I love decorating the tree - even if we do always argue about the lights.

2) Decorations! Since we're having the holiday at my house, I get to get out my wedding china and fancy linens and stuff I never ever use. Yay! I'm not much for actual holiday decor, but the cards from people on the window, and stockings by the fireplace, and random mistletoe for smooches makes the house feel festive to me.

3) Food! I get to make xmas eve dinner, which is the fancy one. And also breakfast. I'm thinking beef wellington, salad with tangerines, maple butternut squash, and persimmon cake with rum sauce. And then asparagus and ham strata with fruit salad. And then either lasagna or veg soup for during the day, when friends come by. G is having board games and I'm marathoning LOTR.

4) COOKIES! OMG, so you know that comic thing with the Avengers drinks? I decided I needed to do cookies for them. Here's what I came up with, but your suggestions are welcome:

Iron Man/Tony Stark - rum balls, duh. I wonder if I could make them with scotch...

Captain America/Steve Rogers - I wanted something wholesome and all-American, so I decided on peanut butter blossoms. They're secretly giggly though because we call them nipple cookies, and he'd be scandalized.

Thor - cocoa candy cane cookies. My personal favorite, and somehow peppermint says Norse god to me. Also, I know he's got a sweet tooth.

Hulk/Bruce Banner - This one was the hardest, because both are so different. Grasshopper bars since they're green, for the Hulk? Or the sunflower coconut vaguely hippy ones for yoga-loving Bruce? I'm still undecided.

Hawkeye/Clint Barton- molasses snaps. I don't know why, that just seems like a perfect fit to me.

Black Widow/Natasha Romanova - Russian teacakes/snowballs. Another Duh.

Fury - cherry bombs

Coulson - loaves of gingerbread. Which tickles me endlessly because they're not cookies, they're different from the rest, they look boring and innocuous. BUT they are the best by far, secretly so spicy, and utterly delicious. :)

I feel like I shouldn't leave Loki out... maybe the grasshopper bars for him?

Avengers cocktails & cast )
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Flist! I need your recs again! :)

I'm sick of most of the songs on my exercise playlist. They're good songs, but I've been using the same playlist for a number of years now and am in desparate need of new music ideas. Here is what I've been listening to:


Recs do not need to be for new music - you'll notice that most of those are from around 2007ish, but some far older and a few are newer. Help please? Save my workouts from getting boring, just as I'm feeling committed to having a more Avengers-worthy body!

NB - Also, as a side note to all the writers who keep getting it wrong: Clint Barton is 41, not 32. Or at least the hottie who plays him is, as are the rest of the others - 30s and 40s. Even Natasha is 27. So there. :P
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Have just realised that all three of these guys were born in 1981/82:

----- -----

and all three of *these* guys were born in 1977/78:

----- -----

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I'm finally caught up on most of my shows... It occurs to me that I never used to watch cop-dramas and now I watch a lot of them. I have made some very valuable observations from watching Castle/H50/White Collar/Leverage/etc:

1. If you are being framed for something - especially something BIGGER THAN A SINGLE MURDER - is it a good idea to go off on your own and find out who is behind it all? NO! You should take your BFF with you! Also, make some phone calls, leave some evidence trails. Dude, make a two-minute phone call, for pete's sake.

2. Being hit with a taser will make you lose control of your bowels. I get that this is TV and no one wants the hot sexy actor to have just messed himself, but COME ON! "Yes, I shot her and then I PEED MYSELF"???? You'd think that would be a clear alibi.

3. The application/removal of hair gel is in fact NOT the perfect disguise. How stupid does the FBI think New Yorkers are?

4. Why are "their" computers always so much faster and slicker than anyone else's? Also, if the FBI/police/whatever can pull my phone records, credit card trails, security camera details, and GPS in less than A DAY, WITH A COURT ORDER MAKE IT TWO OR THREE, I'll eat my undies. (Props to Castle for generally pretending there is a time delay.)

5. If you cannot make it as a model or actor, you should consider becoming a thief with a heart of gold. Apparently, only really sexy people can make it as high-profile cat-burglars. Who knew?

6. Snark immediately makes you hotter, by a factor of 50 thousand. Add some brains, some obscure and esoteric knowledge, and even the geeky sidekick starts to look good.

OTOH, I love that the female characters are so awesome lately, even if they're almost always minor ones - Kono, Diana, Lanie. I love that they're smart, funny, strong, and sexy without being eyecandy. Thank you, producers!
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So, I was talking to a friend about the gorgeousness that is Tom Hardy, and since I was in my scrapbook anyway, I decided to spam you with pictures of his lovely face...

tiny Tom Hardy shrine )
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As [ profile] silkmoth101 said to do, create a picture post of your top 10 (15/20/100/whatever trips your trigger) hotties. Male or female, whatever. Beauty is beauty. That way, when we all log in on V-Day, our flist is full of yummies to look at. Who you post up is strictly up to you. Post pictures of whomever turns you on or inside out.

Well. Many of you know how indecisive I am. I flailed *hard*. It took me over an hour, and I still could only get the list down to thirteen. I had to make *rules* for myself, because it was too hard otherwise. Once I had a list (of twenty-three, mind you), I could only break it down by limiting it to "Looking at this guy makes my words stop working, and when my brain comes back online, all I can think is 'OMFG WANT' in a totally shallow way."

Right so - no words. But then how the bloody hell was I going to choose *which* of the TH or JA or JDM pics is *the hottest* when I have over 50 of each of them? No freakin' way! So I limited myself to the first screen of results on a google image search on their names and picked the one that made me 'guh' the hardest.

Futhermore, I couldn't possibly put them in any sort of order after Tom Hardy, so they're just alpha by first name. And TH is last because he's MINE ALL MINE. :)

my baker's dozen of hotties )
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1)from [ profile] telesilla :

If you were asked to pick one scene, one shot, one detail, one moment of some kind out of all the things I've made and say "This, this, for whatever reason, I remember, this is something that struck home with me, that I wanted to keep," what would it be?

2)I am taking no responsibility for this I was just minding my own business, chatting with [ profile] ladykatiewench, and typoed "grocery stores" as "grocery stories."

And then Arthur/Eames vegetable romance happened.

It's been that kind of day.
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I know, I'm calling in all the favors lately - hopefully all the recent picspams of porn and funnies will help offset my neediness. :)

Does anyone have this picture, without the writing from fandom-secrets on it? I googled and looked (and hyperventilated and almost died) but I can't find it.

Help please?
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So, I have this thing where I look at a picture of naked porny pretty boys and think "hey, that could be/is the some body type as Sexy Celebrity Who Makes Me Guh."

I've been going through my collection of pretties (TM - credit to [ profile] nverland) and looking for ones who make me think of Arthur and Eames, becuase well, why not? It's a fun way to spend my free time. :)

Anyway, I can't find any who leap out at me except this one, originally from [ profile] ladykatiewench:

Anyone have any suggestions from your collections? And yes, I have some of JGL and TH semi/totally nude - but I want PORN. :)
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Help! I thought I had a certain youtube video downloaded but I can't find it and I want it. I looked on youtube but I can't find it. I know I got it from one of you guys eons ago! Help please?

Looking for: a Wincest/SamnDean vid set to Our Lady Peace's "Sell My Soul." It's probably 2-3 years old by now at the minimum. I found one by KATIEandDEAN28 but it's not that one. It's just the song, I think no clips of them talking at all.

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In honor of [ profile] tularia's birthday...

topless Jared, Jensen, & Jeff! )

Okay, they're not *actually* naked. I did the best I could. :)
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(Okay, really, it's a cameo role in my fic. I am tragically bad at coming up with names for random characters, so I thought I'd make it into a fun little contest thingy on my LJ.)

R201-Jared's "date" will be with whichever fangirl can prove that she loves Jared the most.

But this is not a popularity contest – you have to actively do something:
List the reasons you love Jared, the things you love about him.

Whoever can come up with the most reasons in 24 hours, wins. You can make as many posts as you need. Posts will be screened.

Note: There is a maximum limit of 10 "reasons" in praise of his body!

Winner will have the name of their choice (your real name, your fannish name, whatever) as Jared's girl du jour. ;)

Tell your fiends! Think creatively! Have fun!

ETA: 5 more hours to go!!!!!
The race is on between [ profile] chosen_entity, [ profile] untelling, [ profile] white_monarch, and [ profile] sierraphoneix.
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There are a few things I have to get off my chest...

If you read this, you may hate me forever. But I'm willing to take the risk.

Read more... )
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Your Sherlock Holmes slash recs - give them to me. I demand it.

Or beg prettily, kneeling on the ground.

Whatever floats your boat. ;)
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My screensaver today reminded me of how fucking gorgeous this man is:


Yay for Leverage being back! Shirtless Hardison = ♥.

Yay for Supernatural being back! HOtness all over. :) I love MOTW episodes.

I'm a wee bit less than thrilled about the rumors for Season 6. I think if an author has a 5-season story, they should be allowed to end it when the story is over, rather than drag it on and on and on and on and on and on and on until everyone involved wants to kill themselves. But then, they *did* get shortchanged in season 3, so I don't know. If they ended the series in 11 episodes, I think it would feel rushed. So maybe a 6th season will be ok. (Hi, I'm conflicted. Nice to meet you.)

Plus, we haven't seen much of Sam lately. I mena, I love Dean - possibly more than Sam, even - but we've not been getting to see much of Sam's humanity since Ruby 1.0 showed up. I miss the Sam who made me wibble as much as Dean does. I want to see him become human again. Find redemption.

And more Castiel would be sweet. ;)
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* I could not live without tea in the morning.

* If it's going to rain, I wish it would bloody well get on with it. We're supposed to have a big storm, but it's just been pissing for the last two days.

* I HATE when I procrastinate, then forget, then have to scramble to get things done. It's an ongoing fault of mine. *sigh*

* Watched "Where the Heart Is" last night. Dear God, what an awful movie. Very very visually pretty, especially the costumes and the trompe l'oeil paintings, but the acting was so horrid and the characters had no motivation for anything they did, ever.

OTOH, the section with David Hewlett in the teensy grumpy cupid outfit was satisfyingly long. So pretty. Yum!

pissy twink cupid

* I need costume ideas for a plus-size woman (me) for a 1969-view-of-the-future costume party. Think Star Trek:TOS aliens or the Jetsons or whatever. I'm having a difficult time finding anything that isn't skimpy and would be unflattering. Ideas? This is all I've got so far:

space chick pics )
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- 12 hours of driving is way too many. Like, 7 hours too many, at least.

- The CA desert is hot and dry but not sandy, which makes me think it should not be called a desert, but something else. Desert = Sahara sandy.

- Mom's surgery went well and she's recovering great so far. We'll be back at her home in BFE tomrorow, and probably back to mine by the weekend.

- So very dehydrated. Like, seriously, 3 liters of water per day and I woke up with a nosebleed.

- Sam is HOT again. Like, OMG-woobie-puppy, throw-him-on-the-bed-and-comfort-fuck-him HOT. Yum. :)
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Every time I hear ABBA's "Fernando," I substitute "Orlando."


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