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Once again I'm feeling indecisive about the next NSFW pics theme, so you get to vote!

[Poll #1790522]

Disclaimers: All themes will eventually show up. Themes may no be presented in order of most popular vote results, if I suddenly become decisive. ;)
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So using Dropbox for the porn sharing is giving me a headache. Therefore, a poll:

[Poll #1725963]
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So I'm having trouble deciding what theme to do next. It's the holiday season, and I have a batch of naked boys in holiday-themed pictures, but it's mostly the same stuff that I've posted for the last few years. *Or* I could go to the next major theme requested, which is full-on explicit NC-17 porny photos.

You tell me - what do you want for the next 6 weeks?

[Poll #1644513]

Poll open until 11/23 or thereabouts.
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So, I have this thing where I look at a picture of naked porny pretty boys and think "hey, that could be/is the some body type as Sexy Celebrity Who Makes Me Guh."

I've been going through my collection of pretties (TM - credit to [ profile] nverland) and looking for ones who make me think of Arthur and Eames, becuase well, why not? It's a fun way to spend my free time. :)

Anyway, I can't find any who leap out at me except this one, originally from [ profile] ladykatiewench:

Anyone have any suggestions from your collections? And yes, I have some of JGL and TH semi/totally nude - but I want PORN. :)
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In honor of [ profile] tularia's birthday...

topless Jared, Jensen, & Jeff! )

Okay, they're not *actually* naked. I did the best I could. :)
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Be who you are! Be vibrant and full of joy!

more pride this way... )
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The only thing that can triumph over fear and hate is love...

Read more... )
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Ranibows, love, and pride! Yay!

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Actually, there's nothing very naughty here...

Pride Week! )
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Enjoy your Memorial Day!

more humor & NSFW )
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Some things, you just have to share with your f-list. I nabbed this from a post to [ profile] smutday, and if you're not part of that community, you should join. ;)

Probably only rated R but still smokin' hot!
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As you all know, I love to you bits. You make my life so much more wonderful than it would be without you. And in light of that, an old but good meme:

Reply to this post, and I will write one thing I love about you. Maybe more than one. Then (if you want) repost to your own journal and spread the love.

Today is "writing day" so I'll try to respond promptly. Ish. ;)

Also, have some flowers:

more this way )
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I can't give you all flowers, so here are a few pictures as gifts:

do I even need to say NSFW? )

Also, May is Masturbation Month!

Spend some quality time with the lover who knows you best - try out a new fantasy, some new toys, a new book, and take it long and slow and indulge in every touch of your fingertips.

Honor your sexuality and revel in your Special Alone Time! :)
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That was supposed to be posted to [ profile] slashyhomemaker, here - oops! But I'll leave this one guy in because he makes me weak in the knees:

I wondered why my post was getting so many more comments than usual. ;)

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