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First 6 people who tell me they're still vaguely into POTC and comment with their snailmail address will get something in the mail.


ETA: Way over 6 people. I'll check supplies and see if I can find enough to cover all of you who replied before I break the bad news.

ETA: DONE - managed to score 12 more, all spoken for. :)

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Links and Recommendations
from a certified
Pervy Slash Whore

Disclaimer: I am a complete slash whore. I will read any pairing and I mostly only read NC-17 fics. I avoid Het and Gen like they're toxic. Usually. (Except in this fandom.)

I've tried to include some comments about what I liked about a fic, but sometimes what I liked is that I got off on it and well, um, that's about it.

Some of this stuff gets mighty kinky, and I've tired to include some kind of warning.

Sorted by Pairing

Jack Sparrow/Will Turner
Jack Sparrow/James Norrington

Multiple Pairings in the same story/series (For example: Jack/Will, Jack/Bootstrap Bill)

Other Miscellaneous Pairings:
(Jack/Will/James, Jack/Will/Elizabeth)

Pirates of the Caribbean Fandom Archives

Pirates of the Caribbean Fandom recs )
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Title: Lesser Told Tales
Author: Salix
Word Count: 3042
Pairing: Jack/Will (sort of)
Rating: NC-17ish (see Warning)
Feedback: Always appreciated.
Disclaimer: Characters and places in this story, which appear in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl," belong to Walt Disney Pictures. I don't make, or intend to make, money out of them. They just wouldn't leave me alone.

Summary: Why has Jack always refused to have a cabin boy aboard the Black Pearl?

Warning: Nightmare-inspired

Thank yous: To [ profile] lostiawen, who thought this might be salvageable once upon a time, and everyone in LJ who told me to go ahead and try. And to [ profile] bitofaspaz for the wonderful beta. *smooches to all*

Lesser Told Tales )
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who asked for Jack/Will:

The ocean was calm, so still that The Pearl barely seemed to be moving at all. Days like this drove Will mad, twitchy and anxious, unable to tolerate the feeling of captivity, of being trapped.

Only late at night, fucking his frustrations out with Jack, did the tension begin to ease off, drifting out of Will's mind, replaced by the tight heat of Jack's arse. Every thrust was a prayer against boredom, each plunge a drive toward excitement, each retreat an escape from confinement.

Will never felt so free as when he was spilling his seed deep in Jack's body.
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Title: An Accord
Author: Salix
Word Count: 5672
Pairing: Jack/Will
Rating: NC-17
Archiving: My site, places I post, and others upon request ONLY.
Feedback: Always appreciated.
Disclaimer: Characters and places in this story, which appear in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl," belong to Walt Disney Pictures. I don't make, or intend to make, money out of them. They just wouldn't leave me alone.

Summary: Will's frustration with life as a blacksmith prompts him to leave his life behind and go searching for Jack. Luckily, he doesn't have to look very hard...

Thank yous: To [ profile] lostiawen, who got me writing outside my usual universe and provided the first feedback. And to [ profile] astrojen and especially [ profile] justinetre, who graciously betaed the final thing, years later. *smooches to all* And to Cindy Lou, always.

Author's Note: This was written right after the movie came out. It sat, in need of a revision and gathering dust for the last three years (almost).

An Accord )
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These are all turning into drabbles that are inner thoughts of one half of each pairing... Odd.

Anyway, here are the ones for [ profile] sileya:

Harry/Snape: (during OotP timeline)

He looks good like that, kneeling on my floor, messy hair, glasses askew, eyes glazed and watery, the sea during a storm. Hands grasping, reaching for control. Disoriented, yet somehow eager to please. Mouth open, panting through reddened lips, so full of energy and, dare I say, passion, that I am abruptly glad of these loose robes in a way that I have not been since I was his age.

I may not be evil, but I'm not all goodness and light either. How am I supposed to resist temptation like this?

I told Albus this was a terrible idea.


I have had enough. Watched him stagger down the gangway, headed for the nearest brothel to spend himself between some strumpet's thighs too many times. I've tried not to show how much it bothers me when he comes back, face smeared with rouge, reeking of cheap perfume and cheaper whore.

I see the way he looks at me, leering openly. He does it when we're alone, too, when he thinks I'm not watching.

He's mine and I won't wait any longer for him to come and claim me. Tonight I'm taking what I want, just like Jack's always taught me.


You sent me down to the gardens to meditate, to discover why I can't seem to connect to the Living Force in our quarters anymore. You have even moved the meditation mats outside to help me. I kneel beside you, focus my attention on Life, as I have for the last three years, but I just can't connect.

Or, maybe I can, but it's different. I feel life-energy pulsing around and through me, filling my spirit and body... My body especially...

Yes. That's the problem.

The Living Force seems to be centered in my cock. But only when you're near.
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Title: Inside the Captain's Cabin
Author: [ profile] salixbabylon
Word Count: 2656
Pairing: Orlando/Viggo
Rating: NC-17
Archiving: My site, Aniron, CIB, Mirrormere, VOLA, list archives, and others upon request ONLY.
Feedback: Always appreciated.
Disclaimer: Complete fiction. I am implying nothing about the real sexual preferences of the actors herein. Absolutely no disrespect is meant to them.

Summary: Pictures of Viggo/Alatriste inspire Orlando/Will to be ravished.

Warning: role-playing non-con

Image hosted by

Author's Note: Another "Exchange/Offer of Services" – this one for [ profile] lostiawen, who asked for "kinky role playing - Alatriste the evil pirate and poor virginal Will."

Thank yous: To all the girls at the [ profile] slashy_retreat. Especially to [ profile] willowwing, who betaed, and [ profile] sileya, who was my creative consultant and a last-minute beta. *smooches* And humongous bounces for [ profile] nebulein, who made the beautiful banner! And to Cindy Lou, always.

Inside the Captain's Cabin )
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For [ profile] lostiawen, whose birthday is today and who wanted to play with Jack and Will. I hope you enjoy your cider and peaches, dearie. *smooch*

Terribly Purple Pirate Prose and Porn – It's Adverbalicious! )

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