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What are the five coolest gadgets, in any fandom?

1. babelfish (ok technically this is a creature not a gadget)
1. the One Ring
2. teleporter
3. holodeck
4. Snape's pensive
5. psychic paper ID

(from [ profile] fannish5)

So many things planned this weekend: dinner and "Hot Fuzz" date tonight, Beltane ritual tomorrow, tea party Sunday. And to top it all off, it's warm/hot, I just got my hair cut-and-colored, I have new summer clothes (in slightly smaller sizes), and am feeling totally yummy.

Life = good. :)

ETA: I'm a bit behind on emails/comments - my apologies. I will get to them as soon as I can. *huG*
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My brain feels like it's melting. And my body doesn't feel so good either. Blech. Maybe once I work out I'll feel better.

In other news:

What are your five favorite canonical romances?
1. Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes (the beekeeper's apprentice)
2. Alexias/Lysis (the last of the wine)
3. Arnold/Alan (torch song trilogy)
4. Beatrice/Benedick (much ado about nothing)
5. Arthur/Fenchurch (hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy)

(from [ profile] fannish5)

So I have this veryvery long Snarry to post (well, long for me - 9 chapters). I can't think of where to post it other than here and [ profile] snape_potter. And maybe [ profile] snapish_smut. And maybe [ profile] pornicators, although I'm not sure if that's an anyone-can-post group or an only-select-people-can-post one. Maybe 2 groups is enough. I'm so not used to cross-posting anymore that it fills me with wibbles.
Anyone have any thoughts?
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From [ profile] fannish5

What 5 characters would you like to be stranded on a desert island with?

1. Captain Jack Sparrow
2. Lincoln Six Echo
3. Lara Croft
4. Hector, Prince of Troy
5. Aragorn

I'm assuming I only get one of them at a time. Although now I'm curious about how well Hector and Aragorn would get along, or Jack and Lincoln... I'm not sharing Angelina Lara, though.

Life = good. It's been a kind of slow week, putting up fliers for my workshop all over town. I've been pretty low-energy due to the fast, but I get to move back to solid foods today which is a big yay. In fact, I should go make some breakfast... :)

Also I'm planting stuff. My calla lilies are sprouting, so I'm also going to plant some herbs and vegetables in pots and see if they survive. I think actually watering them more than once every 2 weeks (especially when it's 100+ degrees F) will make a difference.

*loves everyone*
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Grrr. I wish there was a better way to distinguish between a warning for "character death" that means one of the main guys in the fic gets killed and "character death" that refers to, say, Boromir or Sirius getting knocked off in canon.

But that opens the whole issue can of worms about warnings and I'm not ready to get into that at the moment.

[ profile] naotalba has been posting these interesting lists and I wanted to play too and it turns out they're from [ profile] fannish5 so I'm going to start doing them.

What (or who) are your five favorite monsters?

1. vampires - very sexy. I've had a weak spot for Lestat since I was 14.
2. dragons in general
3. werewolves - Remus in particular. *g*
4. the Watcher outside Moria in FOTR
5. the Oogy Boogey Man from "Nightmare Before Christmas"

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