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Places To Go:


* New Orleans
* New York City
* Washington D.C.
* scifi southwest road trip (Area 51, Roswell, white sands, etc)


* Iceland
* viking trip
* Ireland
* Scotland
* reverse immigrant trip - East Coast of USA to Azores or UK
* Silk Road train trip
* Greek Islands
* all of Italy, Rome and Venice especially
* Black Sea
* Taj Mahal
* France - north and south coasts in particular
* Paris - with my husband this time
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Things To Do:

* write a novel
* see the aurora borealis
* walk from Here to There
* see all of Wagner's Ring cycle
* learn about classical music
* learn the tango
* perform a solo bellydance
* firewalk
* buy a custom-made corset

Naughty Stuff:

* have a threesome
* learn to squirt
* use the strap-on
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Places to visit/things to do next time I'm in the UK:

* boat tour on the Thames
* Globe theater, tour and show
* Sherlock Holmes tour - now I really wish I'd done this in 2005, since I bet it's super crowded now
* Greenwich GMT visit
* Parliment
* Tate and Tate Modern
* Portrait Gallery
* Science Museum
* Hyde Park
* concert at St. Martin in the Fields
* London Dungeon tour
* London Zoo
* Temple (we are literally right across the street and down a block and keep forgetting to go until it's closed)

* Oxford University/Bodleian Library(s)
* punting (in Oxford or wherever)
* Stonehenge (and NOT be rushed this time)
* Bath
* Yorkshire Dales
* walking holiday of Devon/Sussex/etc coast
* Hadrain's wall
* Loch Ness
* Isle of Skye
* anywhere in Scotland
* Tintagel
* cheese tour - Cheddar, Gloucester, etc
* Cadbury museum/tour (I'm not letting this one go, Heather)
* somewhere on the east coast - haven't been anywhere that direction yet

And that's all I can think of easily...
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Forty is approaching and while it's not really old, I think it might be time to start keeping a Bucket List, just do I don't forget all the wacky things I'd like to do someday. Plus, I'm a firm believer that if you have a plan, and send out that desire, you can usually make it happen.

I was reminded of this one today by a friend's pictures of her trip to Scotland and Skye:

I've always wanted to take a series of ferries from Scotland to the Hebrides, Orkneys, and Shetlands, Faroes, and then to Iceland.

On a viking longship would be awesome. :)

I should see if there are tour companies that do that and how much it would cost...

OMFG - THERE IS! *starts saving money*

ETA/notes to self: Okay, that one is dead, by I can probably drag [ profile] sarka with me. Check out direct ferries uk and Smyril ferries.

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