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I have a huge long list of things I've ben meaning to write about (trip to England, Queer Camp, the garden, life, whatnot) but... screw it, I'm just going to write about today.

Today I went with a friend to a plus-size lingerie fashion show. It was FABULOUS!

The models were mostly regular people/friends of the owner, but confident and WOW! Confidence is sexy! I'm not always the best at body acceptance, and the kind of lingerie they were showing wasn't the sort of thing I would wear usually, but it was just a fantastic experience. Almost every woman there was plus size, and almost all of them were dressed up, well put together, gorgeous women. Women who know their size, know their shape, and work with it rather than against it.

Also, the models were all ages = probably 20something to 50something. It was lovely to see that being sexy and sassy isn't limited to just the young and beautiful.

And everything on the website is shown ON A PLUS SIZE BODY - those of you my size know how rare that is! Usually they show a picture of the size 5 model and just list that it goes up to bigger numbers. :P This way you can see how it looks with a belly and big thighs - yay!

I feel so sexy and bold and brave and strong. I'm definitely going back to the shop when it's less crowded - at the very least, I want some of the fishnet stockings with rhinestones up the backseam! :)

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